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Who Is John Deeprose?

John is a leading UK based influencer within the pet industry. John works in a variety of ways to help pet businesses grow their brand awareness and social media profiles and have a relevant audience to ultimately market to. John currently engages with a following and subscriber base of around one hundred and twenty five thousand cat and dog owners

Originally a pet business owner and pet first aid instructor, John is an avid cat and dog lover and aside from enjoying a huge pet owner and pet business related social media following he is also the former owner/editor of the Top 100 Pet Blog www.catanddogtips.com.

John has a reputation for keeping things simple. His huge and growing influence in the pet industry has not seen him divert from his core values. Even the simplicity of this site is a deliberate attempt to keep himself low key and approachable and not be seen as a 'pet social media guru' who is only interested in working with larger businesses. John works with many small pet businesses and individuals keen to extend their potential cutomer base.

Recognising that many pet businesses were struggling to market their services/products in a cost effective way in a changing world, John has built up an enviable network which allows his clients to reach their target market.

John is a passionate advocate of content marketing and engages large pet related audiences on social media with relevant news, information and entertaining content whilst promoting products and services that he believes his audience may be interested in.

Utilising other pet business social media audiences is also a key component of John's business strategy. Networking has seen John build up a very large base of pet bloggers who he can call on for collaboration.

Another key component of John's success is that he is very altruistic. Animal welfare and helping independant businesses is something he really cares about and this reflects in many of his business practises such as his tireless commitment to animal rescue and his reputation of not promoting conflicting businesses once he has secured a relationship.

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