Thank you for visiting my site. If you're in the pet industry and you're looking to work with someone who has a bespoke attitude to business then I may be of help.

I'm a bit of a maverick in our industry - that's me on the left looking very casual and un-business-like in Las Vegas in 2017 - don't let that fool you, nobody will work harder for your business.

I don't employ a huge team of people and prefer to keep things really simple. My philosophy is that my clients want brand awareness, sales and relevant advice from someone who does what they say they will do.

My reputation in the industry is important to me and my client satisfaction is my only form of advertising...I stand or fall by it.

Although I have a business interest in numerous pet products and sites, I have made it my aim to primarily network and build an audience that is interested in pet products and services.

The reason for this is essentially because I noticed that, although many pet businesses had a web presence, many people I knew within the industry complained that marketing was their biggest obstacle.

It was becoming more evident (as in many industries) that even if you had a fantastic site it could easily become invisible on the world wide web if you couldn't hit the first page on the search engines or pay a fortune for keywords or a sponsored ad  to get you there.

Search engine updates and the rising cost of attaining coverage based on keywords has seen a lot of pet businesses look to their social media/other channels to market their products and services. This is where I decided to position myself....

I'm a networker, 'pet people' gatherer and 'out of the box' thinker!

Although I now have a large following of cat and dog owners and businesses across my various channels, my aim is always to gather even more followers/subscribers so that the products and services I recommend/promote have an ever-growing targeted audience.

Many of the social media skills that I have accumulated are used to help other people grow their pet owner related audiences and cross sell non-conflicting products and services into the audience as whole.

Marketing is the fundamental of any business and my angle is that having a targeted audience, engaging them with interesting content and then recommending a service or product that they may be in the market to buy is a simple but effective plan.

I always make a point of getting to know about those I work with and their products or services and will not charge a penny/cent until you are sure that you are working with someone who offers you a high value return on your investment.

If you're looking to work with someone who knows the pet industry and works tirelessly for your business then you should be talking to me.

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