John is available for a range of speaking engagements spanning several capacities. From a simple, engaging and entertaining talk about the more interesting quirks of cats and dogs up to the more corporate mentorship level. John is comfortable with both.

The experience John has gained as both a small pet business owner and pet business social media leader makes him the ideal candidate to engage your large or small pet related audience.

John's guest speaking is pitched from the more quirky aspects of pet ownership, which will prove fascinating to both pet owners and non-pet owners alike, to the more business oriented audience looking for some real value to add to their pet business.

John's reputation as an 'out of the box' thinker and strategist will leave any audience both energised and informed.

Speech Topics

Due to the wide range of audiences that John is asked to enagage, he is always happy to offer a bespoke speech geared to the target audience.

To the right is a list of the kind of speech that John has been asked to deliver which may show any prospective organiser how versatile John is when it comes to subject matter.

One thing is for sure, whatever kind of pet/pet business speech you are looking to engage your audience with, you will be dealing with a man who knows how to really engage the audience with a wealth of experience across many aspects of pet ownership, pet business and social media growth and engagement.

  • "Give Pet Owners This And They Will Buy From YOU"
  • "How To Monetise A Pet Social Media Account"
  • "Why Collaboration Is The New Way Forward In The Pet Industry"
  • "Mistakes You Are Making With Your Pet Related Social Media"
  • "Lesser Known Cat And Dog Stuff That You Can Surprise Your Friends With"
  • "How To Make An Income In The Cat Or Dog Niche"
  • "Affiliate Marketing For Pet Businesses - What Works And What Doesn't"
  • "Build A Huge Pet Related Following On Social Media - Little Known Tricks And Tips"

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